Abugu Nkechinyere Anthonia,, Yero Ahmed Bello,, Irene Amahagbor Macaulay,, Odele Muyiwa Oliatan,


The solution to climate change demands new strategies in building sector. Thus, a review of existing literature was conducted to find out the new thinking in building sector in relation to climate change. The objectives were to: examine the relationship between climate change and building construction; identify paradigm shifts in building policies  as a response to climate change and to find out climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies in the building sector. These were achieved through the review of literature published in the era of the recent global climate change from late 90s to date. Selection of paper was based on relevancy to the topic and date of publication. Preference was given to papers that link climate change with building sector, especially those that portray paradigm shift. Result showed that there are strong link between climate change and the building sector. As all previous reports reviewed   revealed that climate change adversely affect building, a good number also argued that building construction is responsible for climate change mainly in terms of energy use and surface transformation/exposure. Although, there seems to be conflicting ideas on cause and effects between climate change and building construction, there is a general agreement that climate change affects building sector.  Scholars also agree on integration of climatic parameters in building sector. Climate change has become a basis for policy reform in the building sector as many studies recommended knowledge and inclusion of climatic parameters in building planning, design, construction and use. Mitigation and adaptation of buildings to flood and extreme temperature were the common concerns of most studies. Raising of floor, use of local materials, orientation of building in accordance to sun and wind direction are among the mitigation and adaptation options for building construction in the face of changing climate.


Climate change, Building construction, paradigm shift, sustainability, climate adaptation

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