August 15, 2022

If you celebrate Christmas, you know just how much goes into the planning surrounding this much-anticipated holiday. Each year, millions of people set out to buy gifts for loved ones, attend holiday parties, shuffle children to Christmas concerts and buy Christmas decoration for their home and yard.

Christmas decorations, in particular, are something that people have been turning to every holiday season for hundreds of years. Typically, lights and holiday-themed ornaments and a tree are the mainstays in Christmas decorations but each year these items change with the current styles and preferences of the buying public. When it comes to Christmas trees, the styles vary from year to year. Sometimes coloured lights are popular while the next year, all white lights might be en vogue. White trees had a shining moment recently and tinsel was once a very popular addition to a tree but is not used as much anymore. Today, the main idea seems to be simple and festive. Some ornaments with a matching colour scheme mixed in with timeless ones, minimal garland and lots of lights. Traditionally a star was placed on the top of a tree and while this is still popular, many people now place other festive items depending on the look they want to achieve. It’s also a popular thing now to have more than one Christmas tree in the home.

Other indoor decor for the Christmas season includes various tabletop and ornamental displays such as modern nativity scenes. Ornaments featuring Santa Clause, reindeer and elves are still as popular as ever but now have a more modern spin. Of course, any practicing Christian celebrating Christmas would centre their displays around baby Jesus and his association to the holiday.

Outdoor lights have really changed in recent years. In the past, the more lights you had, the better. Now minimal lights in one solid colour seems to be the way most are going and now dark and light blue are becoming very popular light colours. Some people also choose to decorate trees and shrubs around their yard.

Christmas decorations are widely available leading up to the holiday season. Department stores, drug stores, grocery stores and even some clothing stores sell decorative items. However, with the popularity of year-long Christmas shops, it’s possible to shop for Christmas-related items all year long. You don’t have to have a huge budget to have a stylish and modern Christmas decor. Even dollar stores and discount budget stores have beautiful decorations that will add new colour, tradition and style to your decorating next season.