Book Review: Issues in development: leadership, education and religion

Prof. (Mrs) Eucharia N. Nwagbara


Preamble: Delving into the contemporary and critical social problems of development in the country  in the manner he did in this interesting text, Prof. Barth Ekwueme has not only proven himself a great scholar, but also one of Nigeria’s foremost – and most controversial – scientists and social critics. He is a seasoned geologist no doubt, but he has a mastery of the key rudiments of other disciplines under the sun, including philosophy, religion, education, political science, development sociology, psychology and geography as evidenced in the text. Prof. Ekwueme’s perceptive commentaries on Nigerian society are very eloquent, insightful, and thought-provoking. This three-chapter book is memorable for its vastness in polemic and substance. To a large extent, he re-echoed Chinue Achebe’s “The trouble with Nigeria” published in 1980.

The book is excellently written in clear and simple English without being simplistic. The issues in development discussed in the text were presented from personal and informed perspectivewithout mincing words.

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