E. C. Ukpong, Udechukwu John Abaraugu


Enumeration of coliform bacteria in wastewater was carried out by comparing between imported Macconkey broth solution and the locally prepared solution type. Wastewater samples were obtained from four Waste Stabilization ponds (WSPs) at the Aluminium smelting company located at Ikot Abasi Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. The results of the Analysis showed that the imported media yielded higher numbers of coliform bacteria per 100ml, as compared to the locally prepared media. Two methods where used for this analysis namely: the membrane Filtration Technique (MFT) and the Multiple Tube Technique (MTT). The MFT was more precise, simple and faster in enumerating coliofrm bacteria per 100ml as compared with the MTT method. The two methods (MTT and MFT) was used to determine the amount of coliform present in two different samples each of locally male solution and imported  Macckonkey broth solution. The Average results obtained for sample 1 from the MTT method for ponds 01 to ponds 04 respectively for  locally made solution are 255.75, 268,271.25, and 262, while  that from imported solution are 293.75, 312, 317, and 2995. also the average result from MFT for locally made solution are 246, 260.5, 257.5 and 247.5; while that for imported solution is 265.25, 282, 278, and  267.75 all in multiples of 1000. For sample 2, the results obtained from MTT method from ponds 1 to 4 for locally mixed solution are 178.25, 192.5, 184.5 and 177.5, while that of imported macConkey broth solution are  158, 167, 5, 171.25 and 162. Also that of MFT for locally mixed solution are 206.25, 227,206.25 and 211.75, while that of imported macConkey solution are. 186,201.75, 187.5 and 187.5 all in multiples of 1000 per 100ml the other average results from pond 1 to 4 are  obtained from the different compartments of each pond, this includes the pH of sample  (6.853, 6.6.55, 6.378 and 6.918), The TDS (81.125, 98.25, 116.575, and 129.010), the DO (2.893, 2.585, 2.58, and 2.798), the BOD (1.748, 1.435, 1.430, and 1.648), The COD (98, 115.25, 124,70 and 131.160), conductivity (162.7, 197, 233.4 and 258.05), and Temperature in celcius (28.25, 29.145, 29.155, 28.685).


Total Coliform, waste stabilization pond, bacteria, wastewater and Macconkey broth.

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